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Stratton Lawrence

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With Southern cuisine, the best things stay the same

On the shelf in my childhood kitchen, my mother had a cookbook, published by the local Junior League, called Some Like It South. I took it as a point of pride. "Some" referred to me. I like it South. But in 2014's culinary world, what does that even mean? Does a chicken biscuit consumed in Haight-Ashbury qualify as "Southern"?
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Ramble On! 30 Day Trips from Charleston

30 fun, cultural, educational, and downright quirky destinations for sunny-day adventures. Channel your inner explorer and carve out some time for carefree drives through the Lowcountry. With centuries of history along a coast that’s rich with biodiversity, every road out of town is literally dotted with points of interest—whether historical, cultural, natural, or utterly odd!
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Blackwater Zen: Finding Peace in an Edisto River Treehouse

Scott Kennedy, of Carolina Heritage Outfitters, walks a path to the Edisto River on his 150-acre tract. Looking out across the perimeter of his property line, he surveys a devastating scene. Hundreds of grand cypress trees have been cut down, stretching across a plot over half a mile long.
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Paper Boy: Portrait of a City

My close friends know not to ask me what I'm doing on Tuesday night. For five-and-a-half years, the answer has almost always been, "Nothing." I wake up most Wednesday mornings around 5 a.m. and drive downtown from Folly Beach, where I swap out my trusty Subaru for a '92 Toyota pickup truck that I prefer to drive only as much as is absolutely necessary. It's got a crack somewhere in the engine that emits a sound like a baseball card flapping between bicycle spokes. For years, I've said that I'll keep it until it dies. On that day, I'll quit my paper route.
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A Boy and His Dog Head to Lake Moultrie and Try Not to Get Eaten

Lake Moultrie is gator country. Tell anyone familiar with it that you're going to paddle there and you'll undoubtedly hear, "Watch out for the gators." Maybe it's the 771-pound dinosaur that three Upstate residents hauled out of there in late September. Or maybe it's the man who lost his arm when he went snorkeling in 2007.
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The Charleston Bucket List

Check out (and check off) our 65 Holy City must-dos
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Post-Sandy Staten Island - A Story

All Veronica Skibinski wants is a yellow tag. She had one two weeks ago, so she hired a crew to gut her home in Midland Beach, four blocks from the ocean on Staten Island. Mold-covered drywall and water-logged appliances were hauled to the curb. Thousands of dollars were spent installing new heating and electrical systems.
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Frogmore Feast: Late summer means it's time to boil up a fresh supper

Across the marsh, beyond the silhouettes of two shrimp boats pulled to the dock, the sun hovers over the horizon - reluctant, it seems, to put an end to this idyllic summer day. When Johns Island farmer Joseph Fields was a boy, days spent in the field were even tougher than today.
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Return of the Cos

For much of its eight-season run between 1984 and 1992, NBC’s “The Cosby Show” was the most-watched television program in America. Its star, Bill Cosby, had already been a household name for years, going back to his role as co-star of the ’60s secret agent show “I Spy.”.
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Hall & Oates - Rich Girl Rock

When Hall & Oates take the stage Wednesday at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center, consider it a housewarming party for a new neighbor.
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Empire State South: Southern food meets New York City

The biscuit gleams. A solid spoonful of butter rests precariously at the edge of a slab of chicken and doughy bread, its artery-coating goodness disintegrating unabashedly onto the plate. It's the first bite to go. Pies 'n' Thighs' chicken biscuit ($5), doused in Frank's RedHot, honey, and butter, is the value star of the Brooklyn, N.Y., hole-in-the-wall restaurant's Southern-fried menu.
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John Currence dishes on the state of Southern cooking

Oxford, Miss. -based chef John Currence can be an acquired taste.
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