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David Crosby on Kanye, Congress, and outlasting Bill O'Reilly

Crosby, Stills & Nash were the sum of their parts, but the man whose name came first was arguably the torchbearer, not just for the band but for the hippie generation's entire folk scene. He dated Joni Mitchell, helped launch Jackson Browne's career, and in his free time, he jammed with Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh under the moniker, David & the Dorks.
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How Béla Fleck and Chris Thile get their rocks off

When banjoist Béla Fleck first met Chris Thile at Merlefest in the mid-'90s, he wasn't overly impressed. At the time, Thile was a pudgy early-teen, already lauded as a hotshot but still lacking the style and flair that have since made him one of the world's foremost mandolinists. "He sounded great, but he was very straight," says Fleck, recalling Thile's ability to reel off classic fiddle tunes as a youngster.
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Bruce Hornsby's whimsical memoir is a work in progress

Bruce Hornsby is a baller. he beat a high school-aged Allen Iverson one-on-one in basketball. He's also director Spike Lee's friend and go-to guy for scoring films like Red Hook Summer and the ESPN documentary, Kobe Doin' Work. It was around 2009, while sitting courtside with Lee at a Knicks game in Madison Square Garden, that Hornsby spotted Donald Trump, a story he recounted for the City Paper over the phone last week.
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Thrillest Charleston Chef of the Year Frank Lee

Frank Lee is Charleston’s rock. Most importantly, he’s Charleston’s food and beverage mentor.
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Your Guide to Adventure: 66 Tips for the Ultimate Summer Road Trip

Ready to get out and see America this summer? Whether you’re hitting the road with your best buddies, your significant other or with the kids in tow, the hours you spend in the car together can either be magical memories or a close-quarters catastrophe. We prefer the former. So, in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Mother Road, Route 66, we present this five-part series, with 66 tips for the ultimate summer road trip.
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New Orleans' original Nite Tripper Dr. John deserves a biopic

How is there not a biopic about the life of Mac Rebennack, the New Orleans native who rebranded himself Dr. John and devoted his career to keeping alive the traditions of his hometown's interconnected voodoo and musical cultures? On the way to becoming Dr. John, he dropped out of Catholic school, got hooked on heroin, and did hard time in prison.
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Kicking Back in the Abacos

You can get to the Abacos by air, but to reach Hope Town on the sliver of sand known as Elbow Cay—the outermost island of a chain already known as the “Out Islands” of the Bahamas—a sea-level journey is required as part of the itinerary. For Colonial Charleston resident Wyannie Malone, it was a journey entirely by boat.
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DIY Follies

When my wife, Hunter, and I began shopping for our first house, Folly Beach was not an option. Granted, we lived there, renting a breezy two-bedroom with views across the Atlantic, but a winter lease on the Edge of America is just a temporary taste of the good life. The leap to home ownership would require stepping back into the burbs—freelance writer pay does not a beach homeowner make.
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Ode to an Oyster Roast

Having lived several winters of my adult life in the great north country (North Carolina, that is), I’m able to commiserate with our poor cousins across the Midwest and New England who suffer from seasonal depression. Even in the relatively balmy environs of Davidson, the freezing evenings of January and February are hardly a time to gather outdoors with friends.
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The Charleston Challenge

A city’s health and vibrancy begin with its citizens. To kick off our 40th anniversary, we challenge you to rededicate yourself to our wonderful hometown. These 40 distinctly Charleston suggestions are only a beginning. Use them as a launching pad to enrich your life, and your city, this year! Why is John C.
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Mike Love

When Mike Love got married—adopting three children and becoming the biological father of one—he dropped the “less” from his “Loveless” birth name. “All my cousins are girls—I’m the only guy in my family, so I thought it was cool to change the legacy of our family name to what it should be,” he explains, chatting from the van he rented to tour with Xavier Rudd this spring.

40 Ways to Explore Charleston This Summer

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